Laugarbakki, Iceland.

Grettisból, meaning Grettir’s lair, is a small public area, situated in the open landscape of the Northern part of Iceland.
The area is thought as a theme park honouring Grettir Ásmundarsson, a viking, strongman, and an outlaw from the Icelandic sagas.

The initial layout for the area was done by Jón Hámundur Marínósson.

The final design of the amphi was performed by Benjamín Kristinsson and includes placing it in the terrain, choosing the materials etc..

Icelandic houses were build from natural materials, made to fit the existing terrain and are known for their beauty. The placement of the amphi refers to this original method. The choice of materials has a strong reference to the old Scandinavian turf house – stone base, stone & mud floor and turf walls. The fireplace is done the same way as in these houses.

Grettir was famous for his strength and is to told to have been exercising, lifting stones of enormous sizes.  Grettistak is there fore the name for “big boulders” in Iceland.