Laugar, Sælingsdalur, Iceland

Guðrúnarlaug meaning Guðrúns pool, is a reconstructed geothermal pool situated in the valley of Sælingsdalur in the Western part of Iceland.
According to the Icelandic saga Laxdaela, Gudrun Osvifursdóttir , one of the greatest woman in the Sagas,  used to dwell by a geothermal pool at Laugar in Sælingsdalur. The pool is mentioned in Sturlunga saga and it seems to have been used a great deal.  The original pool was destroyed in a landslide 140 years ago, but was rebuilt in 2009 along with a changing facility, referred to as a ”house of modesty“, or blygðunarhús in Icelandic.

The site is designed by Guðjón Kristinsson and Gunnar Óli Guðjónsson and Guðjóns company Stokkar og Steinar constructed the project.

The pool is built from natural materials, dry stone without any mortar. It is intended to resemble a Viking age pool as well as the changing facility with its dry stone walls, driftwood and a turf roof.

Today the pool is one of the biggest tourist attraction in the municipality of Dalasylsa.