Seabathing in Iceland.

Hot spring at SkarðProposal for a sea-bathing area in Iceland.

This project deals with the place and design of a sea bathing area located in the northern part of Iceland and improving accessibility through its natural surroundings.

A hot spring, located by the shoreline, makes a sea-bathing area at this location possible. This hot spring has been partly utilized for over 70 years, but the project deals with using the waste water from the hot water supply for heating up a sea bath.

The proposal reflects the period of which the hot spring was first utilized, the beginning of Icelandic industrial age, and should be possible to construct without the use of heavy machinery.

Therefore the proposal rests heavily on the dominating landscape features of the site and becomes a part of the existing topography.

The essence of this project is to enhance the users experience of the area, by using wasted energy in a sustainable way.






Pictures from the project area and the proposal.