Hvammstangi, North-Iceland.

The people living in the municipality of Húnaþing Vestra have already put much effort in developing the tourist industry.

The concept of that development is not to invent new things to attract tourists but rather to enhance the local culture and nature in the area, making it more visible and accessible.

Already, a little core in the heart of the town has been founded. It consists of stores, markets, museums and a café intertwined with beautiful nature- and recreation areas.

The goal for this project is to strengthen and support this core.
The project area needs to be consistent with its surroundings but still making space for all sorts of small scale gatherings. Both the design of the area and choice of materials make strong references to older buildings and industry that used to belong in the area.

Due to constructions a few years ago, the river has now changed its course a bit and is  tearing into its northern bank. This was taken into account and changed the design of the area somewhat from original drawings.