Snæfellsnes, Iceland. A private garden.

The idea with this particular garden is to use traditional icelandic materials and methods – adding this to modern scandinavian design.

The garden is elevated from the surrounding level of the road and paths.

The terrain of this area is rough and varying. The garden is primarily designed in one level, as a “safe haven”.  Only around the hot tub and at the three entrances, you experience variations in the terrain.

Originally, the owner had already purchased elements such as the hot-tub, the concrete grill and several tiles. The owner wants the possibility of renting out the summer house, though he is not interested in letting the hot-tub be part of the use. Therefore, a system of wooden platforms was designed to hide the hot tub completely, when needed. The look and sense of the garden changes according to the current use of the hot tub – opening and closing the surrounding wooden planks.

More wooden elements were introduced, following the concept of a flexible and dynamic garden. These wooden elements are in the shape of boxes, easy to move around and with the ability of stacking, creating  different spaces within the garden. The boxes can also be open – using  each differently, seating, vegetation etc.

Various species of trees and nature stones, are spread randomly around the garden, creating space and privacy, maintaining the main quality of this place;  the extraordinary view.


…this is a work in process.