Gunnar Óli Guðjónsson


Gunnar Óli is experienced in working with the traditional Nordic materials; stone, turf and wood. He has worked at Stokkar og steinar for years and has been involved in a number of landscaping projects with all types of the traditional Nordic turf-projects as well as in many different types of stone wall-constructions.

He is a freelance landscape architect and has worked on projects dealing with the design of public spaces and smaller urban – and recreational areas.

Designing the projects, Gunnar makes great effort discovering the existing surroundings, and this with a fundamental interest in nature, local materials and culture. Local culture and heritage often form the concept of the project – and makes the design seem somewhat ‘belonging’ to its context.


Gunnar Óli Guðjónsson. Landscape architect BSc.
Kvintus Allé 5, 2300 Kbh SV. Denmark.       Phone: 0045 5178 9086        e-mail: