Benjamín Kristinsson


Benjamín is an experienced carpenter and craftsman, and has worked on projects of all scales. From large scale, for example with the construction of molds for concrete, for small scale, with finer interior carpentry.

He has analyzed and explored traditional Scandinavian crafts and carpentry, with a particular interest in the subject’s cultural heritage. He has, based on these competencies, performed many projects for both the National Museum and the church of Iceland.

He has worked with all existing types of the traditional Nordic turf-walls. The types are called; Klambra, Snidda and Strengur and examples are shown below in a list of projects.

He has worked with many different types of stone walls and sculptures, and has a flair for proportions and details.

Benjamín has, together with his brother, Guðjón Kristinsson, developed the work of building stone walls. The concept of that work is that each stone is locked with the next one. This method has proved useful, as their stone walls stood intact after the great earthquake in 2000.



Benjamín Kristinsson. Húsasmíðameistari.
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